47th Miss Intercontinental 2018
Welcome Party organized by Sponsor

TAGUIG CITY, PHILIPPINES – 91 countries were welcomed as the candidates of the 47th Miss Intercontinental at The Brewery At The Palace in Bonifacio Global City on January 9.

Suman expressed about being INDIA- Best Part about it is my name.. Being Called as “MISS INDIA” all the Time in family.. I feel so Honored & have never experienced this! After meeting various ethnicities, In the Evening, All headed out for Delicious Dinner at Upper Cafe..
Outfit stunningly Designed by Disha Vadgama.
Thank you @missintercontinentalorg for all efforts you putting in for us.
Also @sofitelmanila for giving us a Feeling of Queen in Your Shelter..

47th Miss Intercontinental 2018
Beach wear presentation, Gala Dinner & Beach Party

BATANGAS, PHILIPPINES – SUMAN CHELLANI proudly represented INDIA as The candidate of the 47th Miss Intercontinental pageant, where all countries showcased their runway skills at the beach wear presentation held January 12 at Playa Calatagan.

47th Miss Intercontinental 2018
Closed door interview

One of the Most important aspect, Intellectual Conversation. Its Closed Door Interview day. The Day to share thoughts and opportunity to share vision and Goals with 6 panelists. After the Successful Interview, Suman posed for Media and Missosology at the sidelines of their closed door interview with the judges at Mella Hotel in Las Piñas City, Philippines.

47th Miss Intercontinental 2018
Twin Lakes Hotel Tagatay

We are sincerely grateful for a rosy welcome.
Being greeted at @twinlakeshotel with sheer love. Thank you for inking our hearts with new memories & exceptional hospitality..

Rendezvous with Miss Intercontinental 2017 – Veronica Salas Vallejo

An empowered woman can empower the world – meet Veronica – She is gorgeous, inspiring and absolutely kind. It was wonderful rendezvous just a few days before the final pageant.

Social Cause & Social Gathering!

All Countries got into a bit of responsible roots of Philippines at The Villar SIPAG (Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance) – non- profit organization. The Villar SIPAG dedicatedly supports the projects curated to alleviate poverty and free the less fortunate countrymen from the viscous cycle of poverty. It was a day well spent – a mix of lavish lunch, robust workout, breezy poolside & delicious dinner.

Visit to Northen Zambales College

Philippines eventually reminded Suman of one Indian conduct – अतिथि देवो भव:।
Breakfast at Las Casas & merriment at Northen Zambales College. Whatta day!
Turned out cutesy kids welcomed all with flowers & indulged everyone in learning some cocktail tequila ‘Sunshine’. The best part was interaction with children, their energy & innocence is unbeatably viral. Thank you Northern Zambales for treating numerous nationalities as your own; and serving us with love and food good.

Visit to Palaya Calatagan

Breakfast with a view, once again at Playa Calatagan but this time at sand-side followed by a pleasant beachwear shoot and sumptuous lunch. The evening took all countries to @twinlakeshotel where everyone experienced a grand welcome and ineffable hospitality. Many thanks for having us. After a long day, headed back to the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila hotel and calling it a day

Television Show Guest as ABS - CBN

What started with an outdoor shoot concluded with appearing as guests on 4 shows for ABS-CBN – a local channel in Philippines. (was aired next day afternoon at IST 2:30 pm). It was exhilarating to bond with these gorgeous women from myriad origins & nations. Also, thankful for all the love & support sharing each day.

Embracing INDIA's Name and Strongly Being the Voice of 1.3 Billion People

Philippines Dessert is Called "SUMAN"


Las Casa Filipinas De Acuzar - Art is the only way to Recreate history & Jose Acuzar has done it aptly.

Suman said that All Countries Visited an open-air museum hosting more than 40 Spanish colonial-era houses and it’s one of the rare architectural marvels I’ve seen till date. With this quaint sight of massive pathways, intricately designed roofs, enormous sculptures & skillfully carved wooden artifacts, I’m storing an eternal piece of Philippines in my heart. From the eyes of India do feel the majestic grandeur and art-history blend with a serene waterway!

Official Sash and T-Shirt of Miss Intercontinental 2018